Monday, May 3, 2010


oh yeah... it's official baby! i'm finally 21!!!!!!! i went home for the weekend. we went shopping, red robin with family on friday. on saturday we decorated the basement [mom redid a bunch of stuff]... skyped christina and took her on a tour to see the new decorations, emmett chinese cafe, and stake conference. and ate ice cream cake when we got home....oh and the ice cream cake turned your teeth blue from the sugar frosting... hahahahahah.... sunday, we went to stake conference again. but this time it was being broadcast in gv so we didn't have to drive to emmett. then we went home and got ready for a BBQ. it was so fun. ben and jan fowler came up, heidi, norma and julie soumwei, jake and joann jayla and john fowler, steven and anna and kids, jackie fry, paul williams, and maybe more but i can't really remember right now... oops... anyways, we had hamburgers, cake, and sat around and just had a good ol' time! for my birthday i got clothes, a new pair of shoes, money, a box of stuff from christina, the movie blindside, headphones, and other goodies....

today, i went to get my new license before i flew back to provo. in HSB however, the camera was broken. after spending about an hour there, they decided they would have to have a new camera brought up so i had to go to boise to get my new license. by this time it was 10:45 and i had to be at the airport at 11:20! we got in the car and flew to boise. and... WE MADE IT! the lights cooperated, there were no cops and we got the new license and made it to the airport in time!! [well like 5 minutes after 11:20, but still]... it was a fun weekend. i love going home!!!!