Saturday, February 20, 2010

presidents day weekend

well last weekend i went home. we stayed at grandmas friday night. had oatmeal pancakes on saturday. sledding on saturday. church and family time on sunday. red robin and driving home on monday. it was fun to go home and relax for the weekend. but the last week of school was crazy because of the day off.  1 test, 2 papers, 1 content analysis, and a group presentation to throw together. but i made it through. anyways, life is good in provo. heading down to chill with my mommy and brother and his fam in vegas in a week and am REALLY excited to see Thomas for the first time and the mike, judi, and william.[oh yeah, mike can i come visit you guys this weekend??] haha.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


[hopefully i don't get in trouble for blogging about this].....So you all know I got promoted to a supervisor right? Well, the beauty of that means I get to deal with cheating/rule breaking students.
Today was my first time. AND... Can I just say it was incredibly NERVE WRACKING!?!?!?! I don't like confrontation so it was extremely scary for me to tell the student he was in trouble. Luckily, an old supervisor stopped by to say hi at the perfect time and he helped coach me through it. THANKS JARED! but, i have officially dealt with my first trouble student and survived to tell the tale! hopefully there aren't more later on in the semester but at least i got my first out of the way!!! that's my excitement for the day.. and probably week!