Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Not Good With Creative Titles

I got bored in class today and was blog stalking people (don't worry mom, we were learning how to search for research and I already know how to...) and realized I haven't updated my blog in a while. And the pictures I post up with mostly have already been on facebook, but oh well. They're gonna make it up here too. :)

I started school on August 21st. I am a University of Utah student in their distance program. Which means that I go to school in St. George and all of our classes are video streamed from Salt Lake. We have microphones that we talk into if we want to comment and there is a video of us that is streamed back to Salt Lake so the teacher can see us. One thing I really like about this is it makes it really easy to not comment in class... which I am a fan of. I like taking notes and not making comments. :) School is going good. There is a lot of reading, but was to be expected. There are not as many papers as I thought there would be and one class even has all the assignments done in groups.

I am doing my practicum at the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). I go out with the workers and watch and listen to them do interviews. I am always asked if I have any questions to ask, and so far to this day I have been too chicken to ask any. OOPS haha. I did get talked to the other day about taking over the home visits for a case we are getting. So I would go out with the caseworker the first time to see the client and then after that I would make the visits to the home by myself. I am excited and scared to do this, but I got to face my fears sometime and do the work right?

The other day I got called in to work a graveyard because no one else could work it. The other staff and I got really bored about 3 am and to stop myself from falling asleep I went up and visited her for a bit.
I saw a picture online that I thought was funny and so I showed it to her.

She is a dancer and so is really flexible and we decided to try to remake the picture ourselves.
as soon as we took the picture, we both commented on how much of a giant  I look like in the hallway. also how unflexible I am :)

this year Monster Energy drinks did this thing where if you collect so many tabs and send them in they will give you free Monster gear. So i drank a lot of Monsters, and asked anyone else I saw drinking them if I could have their tab and collected my 75. the other day I got my jacket and I LOVE IT!!!! its comfortable and soft and i think the design is awesome.
Anyways, life in St. George is good. School is going good and so is work and my practicum. I'm sure the next time I update my blog in two months I'll have more to update you on. :D