Thursday, January 27, 2011


Here are some promised pictures of my new place of residence :) okk mostly the front of the house and my rooom.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here ya go Mom

Since my Mom doesn't have facebook I figure it is about time I post on here again. Life in St. George is grand. :) I work 4 days in a row and then relax the next 3 and then start the schedule again all over again. I love my job. The clients are great and when they aren't, well ,I learn the meaning of patience. ha.

Last weekend we had the area games for the Special Olympics they do for the clients in Utah.  They do one event at a time so this time it is bowling. We went to the bowling alley to see if our girls could qualify to go up to Salt Lake. The girls did great and I think they are all going up to Salt Lake!! I don't know yet who is taking the girls up to Salt Lake but if I am one of them, Mom you should come down and watch!!!! [i'll keep you posted on that one]....

I think one of the things I love the most about St. George is the almost constant sunshine. Today I sat outside with my friend Jade and soaked up some sun. It was great, why?, because its January and I got a tan line :) :) :) Jade taught me how to use a loom so we have been making beanies. It's been fun.

Jade and I also discovered that at the old rec center down here they have volleyball every tuesday and thursday. :) so we are starting to go to that every week and play. the bsu outfitted pictures are from when we played last night. Jades mom and dad made fun of me. They said my shorts looked like they were from the 80's. So to make them laugh more I pulled my spandex down all the way and ran around their house. Then Mama Alisa made me pull up my shorts and tuck my shirt in, to complete the look. I felt like a fool but it was funny. Playing volleyball is fun. It's getting me back in shape, and hopefully my shoulder will get stronger from it. Right now it still just kinda kills after every night we play. ooops. but i'll take the pain over not playing everyday.

Here are some random pictures from St. George. Someday I will take some of my new place of residence, aka home, but I keep forgetting.

 Kathryn colored on my shirt one day. I sat too close to her on the couch. I thought she was just patting my back, and realized too late she had a crayon in her hand. luckily its a cheap undershirt from Walmart :)