Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Liahona Old Boys

This weekend in Murray was a rugby tournament. My friend Lola and I drove up to watch some of our guy friends... turns out we went up thinking we knew only like 2 of them and actually knew like 8 of their team! crazy!!! anyways, we got up their thinking we would be watching the Mana's, our friend Joes team but had gotten there at the perfect time because it was actually game time for the Liahona Old Boys! So we watched them dominate the other team, then watched some vicious girls games, watched Joe and the Manas game, and then watched the last game of the night.... the Liahona Old Boys versus the Tigers. it was an INTENSE game and our friends Saia and Ray got rocked by the other team... but they won the game.... 8 to 5.

after the rugby game we went and visited our friend lexi at Kohls. While I was trying on clothes she was taking pictures on my camera! haha silly girl! the other pictures are our friends saia, ray, and the guy in the blue shirt is joe...                          :)

playing mommmy

My second job is as a mothers helper. Last weekend they decided to take a couples getaway and left me to watch their 3 boys for 3 days and 2 nights. It was a lot of fun and some good training for the future.. [far ahead future, lol].... anyways, we only watched the movie Robots 7 times, yes SEVEN times, we painted pictures, played outside and just had a good ole time.

Daniel is 3 and painted himself a buzz light year lazer. Spencer, 4, was using his imagination. Josh, 18(?) months, is just enjoying the activity without participating. [i didn't trust him to have water paint]