Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sister

yes, she may be older, but she has never been my bigger sister.... hahah, unless you count when we were little and i hadn't had my growth spurt yet.... yeah, doesn't count. anyways, Happy 23rd Birthday you older little sister of mine!!! I love you so much!!!!

-our stupid fights
-you begging me to buy me clothes when mom takes me shopping
-when you used to live in Provo and would make me dinner
-your never ending attempts to make me fashionable
-knowing I can turn to you when I have a problem
-your old wise advice,.... hahah
-but most of all... I just LOVE YOU!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


wooop woop! my mom's dreams are complete!! her baby girl graduated from BYU! haha, or at least walked across the stage and got an empty diploma case. She paid her last undergraduate tuition at BYU today!! Anyways, graduation was great. I didn't trip... haha, luckily. And it was great. I felt really accompllished even though i still have four months left.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Roommate Expedition to Idaho

I took my roommate Tara Hodson home with my this past weekend. It was a blast and I'm glad she came with me. We jammed to tunes on the way up, survived a crazy hard rainstorm around Burley, and made it safely. Once there we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse and it was delicious!! then we went to the house in GV and tara kept saying, "man, this is like where people go camping! and you LIVED here?!?! or How do you guys survive the winter?" It was funny to see her reaction of the town.

On Saturday, I introduced Tara to Dr. Mario and she became addicted. She beat me a couple times, I let her win a couple times, and she picked up the game realllly fast. We also stole the Wii so that we can play it down here in Provo and get even better at Dr. Mario! haha. We also took the tour of Garden Valley and don't worry, I made it last longer than 5 minutes! I took her everywhere and told her lots of random stories about growing up in the small town. We ended the night with a bbq and the play Thoroughly Modern Millie at Starlight. It was a great weekend! Thanks for coming Tara!!!! :D

Upcoming Diploma-less Graduation

BYU does not have a graduation ceremony in December, which is when I am done with school! :) Because of this, they give you the option of walking early in August, or waiting until April. I chose August, for a couple reasons:
1. I don't know where I will be after December
2. The graduation will be a lot shorter
3. I just want to get it over with. :)

So anyways, we sent out my announcements a couple days ago and wanted to spice them up a little, so we took some pictures of me wearing the Ryans' graduation gown [Ryan C borrowed Ryan A's and wore it for his]... anyways..and we put the pictures in the announcements :) ..... it was fun getting all dressed up and putting on the robe. I got all giddy just wearing it around the house and am really excited for AUGUST 13th!!!! yes, its like a week and a half away.... !!!!!