Wednesday, August 26, 2009

empty spaces

It's 3 Am and for some reason i am still up? why? because I am packing and gathering stuff together for the move!! Provo countdown: one day!!! yay! I move into my apartment on Thursday and am so excited!!! :D

my closet looks too empty

i don't even get in here anymore

lucky for me, i sent most of my stuff to utah already

excited to start school again!!

Friday, August 21, 2009


I got my hair cut in May by a friend, who just cut it all one length. Let's just say, I do not like my hair one length at all. So finally, after letting it grow for the summer, I went and got it cut and finally got layers put back into it! the first day of doing it, I loved it so much I just had to take pictures of it. I had a little fun with taking the pictures.

i don't know why but i love this mirror shot with the flash


Monday, August 17, 2009

oreo cookies!!!!!

Julie and I went to Jan Fowler's house today to make some oreo cookies for some missionaries. We sent some to her grandson Alec, and to our friend Jack. It was my first time ever making them, and it was a blast! I let the little kid in me out and played with the dough and shaped it into an A. It was a fun day, and I now have a new recipe to try out with my friends in Provo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Little Afternoon Fun

Saturday afternoon, we went and hung out with my mom's grandparents. It ended up being me, my parents, Mike and Judi and William, my aunt Tammy and her daughter Lissy, and my grandparents. My grandparents brought out the toys for William to play with and in their garage were two wheelchairs. Lissy and I decided to test out our driving skills and took them for a ride. Hers was motorized and mine was not. I had a difficult time steering, stopping, pretty much with everything. Some very nice people even tried to stop on the road to help me out!! But finally I was able to get a little bit of control and we did some laps around a church parking lot. Man, my arms were tired, and are now very sore! I have definitely gained a lot more respect for people whose circumstances have put them in wheelchairs.

Me showing off my skydiving/car accident battle wounds [scars]

My cousin Lissy and nephew William.

Ryan "graduates"

SOOOOOOOOO.... My brother is done with school in December. BYU does not have December ceremonies, so you can either walk early in August or wait until April. Ryan went with the walking early route so he didn't have to hang around Provo... Anyways, it was the best college graduation I have EVER been to. From start to finish it lasted ONE HOUR!!!!! It was amazing!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Work Hard .... Play Hard

This past summer I have been working as a waitress at Terrace Lakes Restaurant. One of the cooks, Todd, calls me Bro. So I took to calling him Sis. Why, I'm not sure, but it keeps work fun...

So anyways, I went golfing today with my sis. It was only my third time golfing in two years, since I finally got my clubs back from my brother.

Jackie was my chauffeur, driving the cart every which way around the course. It was some fun in the sun!!!

Me= Bro
Sis= Todd.... Beat me by 5 strokes!!!

Me and Jackie waiting for my turn to hit....

Sometimes, I pretend like I know how to actually line up my putter to putt it into the hole

Todd's turn...

Monday, August 10, 2009

....Testing Center....

Many people who go to BYU hate the Testing Center. I, however.... LOVE IT! yes, its a stressful environment where you have to be really prepared for everything, but it's a whole different atmosphere on the other side of the counter...


so folks, only about 17 days until I head back to Provo!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Photo Shoot!!!

The last night we were there, Julie and I decided to drink a lot of Mtn. Dew while bowling... Resulting in a lot of energy combined with little sleep equaling, two very hyper girls driving around. So we went to the parking lot at the base of the Y and had ourselves a little photo shoot. These are some of the pictures.

Road Trip!!

My friend Julie and I road tripped it down to Provo last week. We left Sunday after sacrament meeting and came back Wednesday Night. Here are a few photos of the trip, which was a blast!!

we visited Julies cousins in salt lake

saw Marci and Jaimie
went bowling with guys that served their mission in Micronesia [julie's home] and with Wex of c ourse!! the guys were TJ and Robbie
good ol' Ziggy. This guy is awesome, and one of my really good friends... helped me out alot. :D
Philip and Julie

Last Minute, Life Changing Decision

So this April, when I left BYU, I swore I was NOT coming back. I was going to be a bronco at BSU and get my bachelor's degree in social work...

I was semi-excited, nervous, and just flat out scared to start school in Boise. I would have to make new friends, figure out how to get around on campus, and find a new job... :/

My mom and I were talking one day and she told me it would be smarter if I had just stayed at BYU, because I would be done faster...[me being the stubborn child I am, disregarded anything she said]... but I started looking at all the classes I would have to take before I even applied to the program, and then once and if I was accepted into it... I started to realize my mom was right, but brushed those thoughts off as fear...

I took my friend Julie with me to Utah last week... [oooh i can blog about that!!!] anyways... we went to Utah, and I couldn't ignore the feelings anymore. I needed to come back to Utah. I saw all my old college friends and as I did started thinking....

To myself I said: Alison, you have 48 credits left to get your bachelor degree... You could get a bachelor degree and be started and mostly finished on your masters [from BYU] before you would get you bachelor degree from BSU. Not to mention, BYU is cheaper....Your family loves BYU, and even though you deny it, YOU love BYU too. Ok, yes I did just admit I love BYU. I guess I always have bled BLUE!

So I texted my mom who should've been on her way home from work, asking her if I could come back and of course she said YES! So i talked to my bishop, got my ecceliastical endorsement worked out, and am now just waiting on the honor code office to receive it and I can register for classes!!!!!!!! COUGAR TOWN HERE I COME!!!