Friday, June 15, 2012

Living, Laughing, and Loving

HOLY COW! it has been forever since I updated on here. Mostly because for a while I didn't have anything really to talk about. Life was in a lull and I was just coasting through it. But some updates...

-After being put on the wait list, I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF UTAH. I start in August and do not have to leave St. George, yep, I am in their new distance program.

-In April I moved into a new house and I LOVE IT! i live with awesome girls and our house is so cute. I also have a little guy roommate that is 2 years old and adorable

-I learned how to wake board... okay more like i learned how to get up on the board and then i go out of control and crash hard in the water, but its fun and i love it

-i'm hoping to do my practicum for school at the DCFS... find out about that one later and will keep ya posted on that

-I just won $125 in bingo. I was so excited I jumped up and yelled bingo before the lady officially called the last number but I was just too happy to wait haha

-My mom made me a Ute blanket... I about died of shock when she gave it to me but I love it and love watching movies cuddling under it

I think those are the major note worthy updates... haha or the most random things on my mind.... anyways, life is good. stressful at times when school things dont work out like they should the first time but I getting by with a smile on my face :)