Monday, April 11, 2011

Vay-kay Time!!!

Last week I took a mini vacation. Up north. To what I hoped would be semi-warm northern Utah. It was warm the first day when I was at Mike and Judi's. I love visiting them and spending time with them. (Thanks for letting me stay with you!) I had a blast. Thomas and William are so cute and getting so big! Thomas just walked all over the place and William just talks up a storm and I love that when he is being naughty he tells whoever is around him to be nice. It's sooo stinkin' cute!!!

But back to the weather, unfortunately on Thursday, mother nature decided to remind me why I love living in St. George and hated living up there. Talk about a snow storm!!! I had to drive from Ogden on Thursday down to Sandy. I could hardly see around me, so decided to follow one car as long as I could. Ha, i didn't even care how fast... or SLOW we were going. As long as I made it alive and in one piece to my destination. So I got to Sandy safely and went to my friends bridal shower dinner. It was so fun seeing her and spending time with her and old friends! :) I stayed the night with her and on Friday we just played around all day. It was still snowing....But I decided to make the best of it, and I decided I had had enough of being inside, and I dragged her outside with me and we made a snowman. It had been a LONG time since I had made one of those, and we didn't do a very good job on our first attempt. We couldn't get the belly on the base and so we had to start over. But eventually, we made the snowman and I used dirt to decorate it, since her mom wouldn't let us use carrots or other things from in the house.:)

Here are some pictures from the trip :