Monday, December 20, 2010

Finals, Graduation, Break, Interview, Job

Finals week was crazy! I worked every morning from 7:45 until 2-3 [changed depending on the day], then went and worked with a group on a presentation for a final. I then would return to work from 5 until however long it took us to close the testing center. Repeat every day. All week long. Talk about tired. By the end of the week, I could barely speak English, my thoughts were dysfunctional, and whatever I thought I had said, hardly ever made it past the thought phase... haha.

But Friday night brought about my last shift ever at the Testing Center. As I was walking out, it finally hit me that that was it. No more tests to scan, no more fun shifts with all the TC peeps. I was done with BYU and now had to move on to the next phase of my life....

Which, I had a job interview today in St. George. I was called back about an hour after the interview and offered the job. I was not expecting to hear back so fast, but when you tell the interviewer you are going home for Christmas break, it apparently speeds up the process.

Anyways, I am now an employee of Danville. Which is a company that houses and works with developmentally disabled people. I am excited for the job and think it will be great to help me out with my future goal of social work.  My first day is next Monday!!!

Now my life is spent with figuring out housing, how I am going to prove that I have lived in Utah for a long time so I can get a new license, and just enjoying the freedom of no school and learning the ropes of a new job.

Happy Holidays Everyone! I hope ya'll have a great time with family and friends!!! <3 ya

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Last Day's Eve

As I sit here, I realize tomorrow is my last day of classes at BYU. EVER! yes, last day of classes ever. So as I sit here procrastinating my last paper [sorry Christina], I just thought I'd reflect a little over my time as a Cougar.

Some very random things I have learned:
1. make a friend in your major and take all your major classes with said friend. I don't know what I would have done without Jenny Brooks. I probably would've gone broke from buying all my own books and not sharing, failed a few tests, and struggled through even more through my boring classes, or skipped class in general, lost all my hair doing SPSS, and I would've just hated my major. Thanks jenny!!
2. Just because you go to BYU, does not mean you are smart. Ha. Yes, I work at the Testing Center. Yes, I deal with some very stupid students everyday. [Can i say that here??] OOPS :) but it's true. I will miss my time at the Testing Center, but I will NOT miss students who can't fill in their bubbles right, who can't read a bright red stamp that says "DO NOT WRITE ON THIS EXAM", and who ask mulitple pointless questions and who won't believe me when I give them an answer. Yes people, I know what i'm doing.. i've worked here for 3 years!!
3. BYU needs to loosen up on a few things: namely caffeine regulations and facial hair. Life would be so much better if they served caffeine and didn't care about scruff.
4. Trying to convince teachers you don't need to take your final doesn't work. Yes, we tried that in my Soc 426 class tonight and epically failed. I think we almost had her convinced though. Maybe next time... wait... there won't be one!!! :D
5. People do swear at BYU!! haha, yes a girl in my class swore during a discussion about females in the work place. No mother, it was not me. HA.
6. You can procrastinate and still get good grades on assignments... if you doubt, just look at mine! hahahahaha.
7. what else did i learn? oh yeah, enjoy it while it lasts cuz soon it'll be gone.
I'm excited to be done soon. I still have no idea what I'm doing after.And it's just hitting me now that I may be leaving all my friends behind soon :(  But I'm excited for the upcoming ride filled with uncertainty and adventure!!!