Friday, August 5, 2011


Tuesday night I got a call from my friend Lola, who is in my pictures below, saying that Koti (the tongan man i'm sure every one has heard about before) didn't make it on his flight to minnesota that night and wasn't going to go there until thursday... so me being the impulsive person i am, bought a ticket at midnight that left for six am the next morning. i packed, showered, and got all beautifuled up, flew down to san diego and hung out with them for the day. 
We picked Koti up from work and we went to eat. the picture where I am making a grossed out face is because we are holding octopus. he's eating, i'm holding it. after lunch, we went to the san diego temple and walked around. Then we went to Lola's house and Koti painted my nails. Then we went to the beach and swam around. Spent time together after the beach and then flew home the next morning when he left for Minnesota...... (is that a good description Christina? lol Love yoU!!!)

Craft Day Thursdays

My roommates and I have created craft day thursdays. This is weird for me because I do not think of myself as a crafty person at all. But we usually get together and have dinner and make ourselves a cute little craft. The first time we made friendship anklets/bracelets, and the next week we all made hand painted quotes for our walls. It has been a lot of fun attempting to be crafty and finding cute things to make each week. I also made an apron once with mama coburn when i went home for vacation :)