Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today.... :/

it's just been one of those days.... :/

i got woken up this morning by my roommate at 5 am to go pull a prank on some boys. we weren't able to complete the prank, one hour of precious sleep wasted. then i go to work. i feel like puking, so i leave after two hours. i come home and sleep, hoping that i'll wake up feeling better... to no avail. 5 hours of extra sleep and i still feel bad when i wake up. i skipped both of my classes, tried to eat some soup.. did some homework... [one positive of the day]... and have been sitting around on the couch the rest of the day....

my dear brother is awesome. he found out i wasn't having a good day and brought me delicous chocolate chip cookies. so that is brightening my day... but now it's about ready to be bedtime again... just say a prayer tomorrow is better and that i can go back to work and feel better!!!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The trip to visit the Uigaese/Boettner family was a blast. We pretty much just sat in the house the whole day and played. I loved it. The kids are very dear to my heart and ALOT of my high school memories include them in some way. It was nice to go and caught up with them and make sure they still remember who Ali [me] is.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My roommate informed me today that she is going to Logan to visit her grandparents this weekend. The light bulb went off in my head. Kamryn, Korbyn, and Karstyn [my boys i used to babysit] live near Logan. Alison, ride with Courtney and go visit them! SO I AM!!!! oohh lallalalalalalala. If you can't tell I am very excited to go see my little boys! I'll take lots of pictures and post them after!!!!

these pictures are from when lisa and i visited them my freshman year. i miss them so much! they are SO cute and precious and dear to my heart.

Scar Progress

My scars have been bugging me all day. All day long!!! My roommates tell me they are fading and getting better all the time, but I never believe them because I see the scars everyday.
I decided to post some pictures to show how fast... or slowly to me... they are fading! The first one is right after the accidents on July 6. The second one was taken today, October 22. So they're still there but are slowly fading.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Wanna, Wanna Fanta?

Apartment 17 threw a kicking Halloween party last night. My roommates Courtney and Tara brilliantly came up with the idea that we could be the FANTA GIRLS! We went shopping and put our outfits together. It was a fun night. "Our" boys dressed up as characters from batman. Richard was the joker, Blake the riddler, and since i have never seen batman, i don't know what Wade was... except creepy. lol.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Saturday morning, a few aunts and cousins got together to have a pre-conference breakfast at The Village Inn. While there, my aunt Michelle gave Ryan and I three tickets to the afternoon session of conference. Ryan and I took my roommate Courtney with us and we went up to watch it. I love conference. I love listening to our living prophets and it is even more special in the conference center. I also loved that we walked past the temple to get to conference and back to the car. It looked so pretty yesterday [it does everyday] but i just had to take a picture of it yesterday.


Courtney, Me, Tara, Mckell

Seriously, I could not have asked for better roommates this year. We all get along great and love to have a good time. Courtney is from California and I take great pleasure in teasing her every day when she complains about how cold it is. She is a doll and helps me out so much all the time. I especially love her early morning hugs right after she wakes up. Tara is from Riverton Utah and loves reggae. I love driving around with her and jamming out. We also share a room, so I love out late night 'fights' where we argue over what to watch while we fall asleep or other stupid little fun things. Mckell is from Draper, Utah and is pretty much one of the best hip hop dancers I have ever seen. She is in BYU's hip hop club CLUB STYLE and every once in a while tries to teach me some moves. Thankfully she has patience, i'm not so good at dancing. But i love my roommates very much. I love my apartment and am excited for the rest of this year, because it's going to be a blast!!! :D


The Cougars played the Aggies on Friday Night. My genius roommate Mckell came up with the idea of throwing a hot chocolate and donut party at our apartment after! IT WAS A HIT!!! we had so many people come. Some didn't know any of us, but came because they saw the sign with the word FREE on it. It was an awesome party though, will lots of food, drinks, and fun people, oh and dancing!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Caity's 21st Birthday Party

Yesterday my friend and fellow co-worker CAITY JONES turned 21! Her friends threw her a Vegas/Classy Dressed Themed Birthday Party. It was fun to have a chance to dress up nice. At the party Danica and I played some black jack, and did pretty good might i add. .. We were the "wild" ones at the party, spending most of the night by the 'bar'... drinking our lives away with strawberry smoothies, jello shots, and other various drinks. [dont worry... we're at BYU!!! :D ] anyways, that's been the fun of the week. I went shopping on Monday and wore my new shirt to the party, was pretty excited about that too.

PICTURES FROM top to bottom... or.... LEFT TO RIGHT... first picture to end....: danica and the birthday girl [caity]... me and danica... danica in all her vegas swag glory... then me in my new shirt