Thursday, February 6, 2014

Its race time again!

A couple weeks ago my friend Becka told me that she had a 1/2 off coupon for a half marathon. I said alright if it's half off let's do it! Little did I know the race was in 1.5 weeks... which makes it this Saturday February 8th. It's an all girls half marathon in Ivins Utah. I am excited to run a race with her and I think we are going to make some awesome t-shirts to wear while we race. So wish me luck, I haven't ran more than 5.5 miles since the St. George marathon in October but who needs to train!?! brother Ryan sure doesn't. Ryan I am following in your footsteps and just going for it! 13.1 miles. Run Like A Girl half marathon here we come!!! Pictures and results to follow the race on Saturday :)

Here's some pictures of me and Bex having a grand ole time together!!! We really are dorks :)