Saturday, February 5, 2011

special olympics!!!

The Special Olympics of Utah were held this weekend in Salt Lake. I was chosen as one of the staff to go up to help out.  I was really nervous for the trip, because I had never done anything like this before. We left St. George on Thursday. When we got to Salt Lake, we went out to dinner and then went to the hotel. After we put our clients to bed all of the staff sat in the hallway talking and stayed up probably wayyy tooo late for having a full day planned for Friday. Friday morning we woke up and got our clients ready and then took them to their event, which was bowling. It was a fun time. All of the clients did great and we had a blast. After bowling we chilled in the hotel until the awards ceremony. We had dinner and then the awards and the dance. At the start of the awards ceremony they light the flame and that was so amazing to watch. They had to athletes carry the torch and it just touched my heart watching them go up front and light it. The dance was a blast. :) our girls sure do know how to boogy! After the dance we went back to the hotel and put our clients to bed, they were exhausted. The staff hung out again and then we got up Saturday and headed back to St. George. It was a tiring trip but really fun. It was fun to watch our clients and know that we are part of special memories for them. :) Here are some pictures.... :) okk so the pictures aren't loading right now... so they will get posted later tonight or tomorrow... but they will get on here i promise :)


My sister tagged me... i don't know where this came from but thought i'd do it for fun

4 TV shows I watch:
1. One Tree Hill
3. Pretty Little Liars
4.Make It or Break It

4 Things I am passionate about: 
1. Living Life to the Fullest
2. My Clients
3. Family
4. Becoming a better me :)

4 Phrases I say a lot:
1. "For real"
2. "That's what she said"
3. "I'm being lazy today" 
[yes i do say that alot as i rock the sweats/basketball shorts frequently]
4. "nice!"

4 Things I have learned from the past: 
1. Don't let guys ruin a great friendship 
2. forgiving and forgetting are two different things
3. A good cry can be very healing
4. Things happen for a reason, good or bad, make the best of the situation and learn from it :)

4 Things I did yesterday:
1. Worked- helped Kathryn bowl
2. Worked- danced with my girls at the special olympics victory dance
3. Worked- hung with co-workers after our clients went to bed
4. Worked- took care of my girls :)

4 Places I would love to visit:
1. Samoa
2. Australia
3. Jerusalem
4. Bahamas

4 Things I am looking forward to:
1. Tax Returns
2. Summer tan
3. My Next Paycheck
4. Seeing different members of my family over the next couple weeks :) :) :) :)

4 Things I love about Winter:
1. hot cocoa
2. cuddling in front of a fire
3. kissing in the snow
4. building snowmen or sledding or having snowball fights with friends

4 People I tag:
1. Jaimie Tanner
2. Tara Hodson
3. Christina Tarbet
4. Judi Coburn