Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sarah's Stake Luau

Sarah invited me to go to her stake luau. L&L Hawaiian BBQ catered the event along with J-Dawgs. So there was pork and rice and J-Dawgs. After dinner, there were Polynesian dancers that danced for us showing us how a variety of each culture dances.. there was Hawaiin, Samoa, New Zealand, and many others shown. Sarah's roommate Jessica got chosen to go up on stage and learn part of a dance. After the Polynesian dancers, there was a normal dance for all of us. It was a fun night!
Jessica, Chris, and Sarah

Jessica up on stage dancing with her Polynesian dance partner.

Cinnamon Rolls

On our TO DO LIST Sarah and I decided to switch making a homemade apple pie to making homemade cinnamon rolls. She got the recipe from her mom and did most of the work. i made the frosting. but let me say, they were DELICIOUS!!!! I had about 4 of them and everyone loved them!!!


My roommate Tara and I went to Vegas over Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend with her mom and cousin Shelli. I finally found Tara's camera so I can now blog about it! Um, let's see... We got there Friday night and stayed with their family friend Carma. Who let me say, is awesome!! :) Her house was super cute with a hot tub and pool in the back. Saturday was spent shopping and eating... tons of food! Then Sunday we finally walked around the strip and then drove home. It was fun. Nice to see some sun and feel warmness in the middle of winter!

The Drive Was Crazy
Tara, Me, Shelli

I fell asleep.


outside sephora
Carma, Me, Shelli, Tani

the strip!

we be baadddd!!!!

Site seeing

Carma's son Isaac

Tara and Isaac

In the gardens. I was trying to be the same height as them.

Kung Fu Panda!

Dessert at the Bellagio Buffet
Tara and her Mommy

Tara fell asleep in the Trax
and i took up pole dancing. jk :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


So "our boys" created a band. Wade, Jordan, and Richard are the official members of the Woif Band. We were blessed and privileged enough in Apt. 10 to be the first people to receive a band poster. Autographed and everything!
[While posting this, Kell and I renamed our boys to the 3 B's]

Richard, Wade, Jordan

Wade, The Best Friend

Jordan, the Brother Friend

Richard, commonly referred to by me as: Kell's Boyfriend

BYU Athletics...

I have finally been putting my sports pass to use. The first use was when the BYU Men's Basketball team played UNLV. Unfortunately for viewers, the only pictures taken at the game were of us watching, not of the actual game. Oops. :) Last Friday, Sarah and I watched the men's volleyball team play Stanford. This time, to prove I was actually at the game, I got a shot of the team! Anyways, the athletics are doing awesome this year and are a much needed and very fun distraction from the life consisting of school and work. GO COUGARS!

kell-bell and me

kell-bell, me, and brotha jordan

Cougar volleyball


Sarah and Me!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Greetings from Provo!

Well, today I had to work at 8 to proctor a ATI nursing test. It ended at 9, leaving me 3 hours to kill on campus before class [i don't want to lose my parking spot by leaving]... so i half-heartedly read for class.... being in the library is distracting for me. so i did the best i could reading and am praying there is not quiz on it...

school is going good so far- granted it is only the second week. :) I was crazy this semester and decided to attempt 17 credits so hopefully i can do all my work and not fail!

I still work at the testing center...but yesterday i got asked to be a supervisor. so now i have new responsiblity and much more pressure on me not to mes sup at work. I am excited because i do not have to proctor anymore, but now i have to directly deal with cheaters... :/ but it includes a higher pay and that so it's okay with me! i'll keep you posted on how i do as a supervisor...

umm, i think that's about all i've got to say...... Have a good day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

favorite christmas present

i got a car for christmas! it is a 2001 red Dodge Neon. After driving him to Utah, I decided to name him Freddie. I love my new car. Its so cute and fun to drive around. Thanks parents!!!!