Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sarah and Alison's Adventures

Well, Sarah and I had made a list of things to do. So far we have made gingerbread houses and gone to red robin [i made it a month with absolutely NO swearing :D ]... Unfortunately, Sarah has the pictures of our houses, and we didn't get any taken at red robin.... but it was still fun. Sarah made her house with her friend Alex, and my partner in building was Sarah's brother Chris. It was fun. Chris and I's house ended up looking like a manger, pretty sturdy though! didn't fall over at all.....

red robin was delicious, like always. good food and good company. It was me, Courtney, Sarah, Chris, Dan, and Caitlin.... [sarah's brother and her brothers girlfriend].... I made us dress up a little bit [get out of our lazy study clothes for once] for our celebration...

Finals are almost over. I have one left tomorrow! :D I think they will turn out okay...not as well as I would've hoped... but I seemed to have lost all motivation right before finals started and combined with my working, I didn't study as much as I should have....oops.

The other day i got out of bed and was putting my shoes on when i noticed my teddy bear. usually it's on my bed still with my St. Al's one... but today it was halfway to the floor. I thought it looked cute so i took a picture.

Happpy Holidays everyone!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

a little recap

In my last post, from thanksgiving, I was thankful for my car running. Little did I know, that while I had been typing that post, the cold weather in Utah was freezing my battery. So when I got back, I had no running car. Taking into account that it was the last two weeks of school, I had absolutely NO time to go and purchase a new battery. Lucky for me, Caity Jones [friend and fellow co-worker] lives down the street and works every morning like me. She was my life saver and got me to school and work everyday. Friday was a reading day so I told Ryan we were going to fix my car. We drove to Walmart to get a new battery, and they were all gone. So then we went to Napa and purchased one. Ryan installed it and all was well.... or so we thought. I went to the bank and was going around the corner of the drive through talking to my mom about how glad I was to have my car again, when it dies. Everything just shuts off. The man in line in front of me was nice enough to spend about 30 minutes helping me diagnose the problem. He said: I think there is a fuse blown. So he pushes me through the drive through, then his wife and him give me a ride home. Then Ryan and I spend about the next 3 or 4 hours attempting to find and fix this blown fuse. So now to my list of thanksful I can add... A BROTHER THAT KICKS BUTT! Ryan is awesome. He rebuilt the fuse that was blown because it was a custom made fuse.. spent a lot of time in the cold figuring everything out and now thanks to him: my car runs and I did not have to pay a mechanic to fix it! :) Thanks Ryan!!!!

Now the week I dread all semester is here. FINALS. But... I lucked out this year and 2 out of the 5 are take home and can/have been started before finals week begins. 33 + hours of work and 3 finals should turn into an interesting week though!

Sarah and I made cookies [court helped decorate] and then gingerbread houses last night to help us get into the Christmas spirit.... I'm so excited for Christmas and seeing all my family! Can't wait!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thankful for....

  • family
  • friends
  • food
  • ...... :D
  • the gospel
  • school [and it almost being done]
  • my car still running
  • my job
  • my super cute apartment
  • being able to walk
  • hair straighteners being invented
  • pillows
  • books
  • toothpaste
  • electricity
  • running water
  • cell phones
  • backpacks
  • internet
  • temples
  • pictures
  • cookies
  • hoodies
  • sports
  • music
  • ....any many more.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Weekly Tradition

So i have this friend. Her name is Sarah Doxey. She pretty much rocks my socks. We met in SFL 105 last year. My home and family living class. Anyways, then Winter 09, she walks into my interior design class. Heck YES! We sat by each other every class period. She was sad when I told her I was transferring to BSU. We decided to be penpals this summer. Awesome, her letters kept me going at times. Anyways, so this semester, I randomly ran into her in the Wilkinson Center one day. We decided we needed to chill and hang out. We didn't really hang out for a while, but kept randomly texting and running into each other. One day I was really craving my cookies, so I decided we would have a cookie party. [sarah loves my cookies. :)...] so anyways.... today we had i think our fourth, maybe third, not sure, but week of cookie party. it is officially our new tradition. once a week we get together and make cookies and then spread the love to friends. Usually we make chocolate chip, but we decided to branch out this week and try some snickerdoodles. Not as good as my chocolate chip cookies, but definitely good! :) Afterwards, we decided we need to do more things together so we made a list... now our goal is to get them all crossed off! Don't worry pictures will be taken during all adventures. :D

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pre-screening rocks!!

Last night I am watching tv about to do homework when i get a text from my supervisor/friend from work. "wanna go to a pre-screening of new moon tonight?" ohh man danica, i have homework to do... sorry!!! then after a couple minutes go by, i think to myself "am i really giving up a chance to see new moon before everyone else for a paper to be edited that isn't due till the end of the semester???" i quickly texted her back and said i would go. we drove up to kamas at 9:30 at night. watched new moon in a little theater with about 30 other people at 11 and got home at 2. but i loved it sooo much!!!! oh man i loved that movie. it was so good. anyways, that was my excitement for the yesterday...

and if anyone asks which side i choose.. team edward or team jacob, i say combine them. i want a guy like edward who looks like jacob. yeah. thats my decision. :)

Monday, November 16, 2009

i need a bubble

life has been going good. it's almost thanksgiving!!! yay! less than a week now until we head home. it's weird to think that the semester is almost over... this past weekend i realized i needed a change. don't worry, not a big change... but i get tired of having everything the same sometimes, so i discussed it with my roommate Tara and we decided to rearrange our room. [the previous post has pictures of it]...

......but after wards, i was talking to my mom and hit my knee on the cinder blocks holding up my bed. i was cleaning off the couch the other day and nailed the same knee on the side of the couch... not to mention this is the knee with the stitch scar, which happens to get nailed every time... but today, i was jumping on my bed, and swung my left leg up, and slammed it against my desk. so yes, to go along with the title, i have decided i need a bubble, otherwise i will be covered with bruises all over pretty soon. right now its just my legs with lots of bruises and scars and my hands have various paper cuts from work. Luckily there isn't anything too damaging that has been done recently to me... just lots of little things. ughh... so if anyone wants to get me a bubble for christmas or maybe a guardian angel to come and watch me to protect me from myself that would be great!!!

we have cleaning checks tomorrow and my roommates are all super stressed over school right now. i started cleaning my part and just kept cleaning.. oops! nah, it wasn't bad at all... actually very therapeutic for me... but when Courtney got home she was so excited she kept making funny faces at me. she couldn't see them herself in the mirror so i video taped her and feel like posting the video on here too so you can see my goofy roommate that i love to death! anyways, thanks for reading my random post. love you all!!!!


before and after apartment pictures.

bathroom before
bathroom after

bedroom before

new bedroom arrangement

living room before

living room with decorations

kitchen before
kitchen after

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Prank Time.

The girls of Apt. 10 had finally had enough. We had been pranked by Apt. 46 just one too many times. It was time for revenge. Haha. Ours wasn't as nasty as some of their pranks, but it was fun doing. We were going to wake up at 4 AM to go do it, but instead just ended up not going to bed and doing it at 4. It was fun pulling an all nighter, but made Friday a really long day, but it was totally worth it!!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

a poem

In times of need you were always there
No matter what you showed me you care

Whether in person or many miles away
You always were able to brighten my day

You have helped me achieve
The things I’ve wanted to believe

Never did you judge
And now I refuse to budge

Forgiveness is the hardest part
But you have shown me where to start

Through you I felt God’s love
Emanating to me from heaven above

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

today.... :/

it's just been one of those days.... :/

i got woken up this morning by my roommate at 5 am to go pull a prank on some boys. we weren't able to complete the prank, one hour of precious sleep wasted. then i go to work. i feel like puking, so i leave after two hours. i come home and sleep, hoping that i'll wake up feeling better... to no avail. 5 hours of extra sleep and i still feel bad when i wake up. i skipped both of my classes, tried to eat some soup.. did some homework... [one positive of the day]... and have been sitting around on the couch the rest of the day....

my dear brother is awesome. he found out i wasn't having a good day and brought me delicous chocolate chip cookies. so that is brightening my day... but now it's about ready to be bedtime again... just say a prayer tomorrow is better and that i can go back to work and feel better!!!! :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The trip to visit the Uigaese/Boettner family was a blast. We pretty much just sat in the house the whole day and played. I loved it. The kids are very dear to my heart and ALOT of my high school memories include them in some way. It was nice to go and caught up with them and make sure they still remember who Ali [me] is.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My roommate informed me today that she is going to Logan to visit her grandparents this weekend. The light bulb went off in my head. Kamryn, Korbyn, and Karstyn [my boys i used to babysit] live near Logan. Alison, ride with Courtney and go visit them! SO I AM!!!! oohh lallalalalalalala. If you can't tell I am very excited to go see my little boys! I'll take lots of pictures and post them after!!!!

these pictures are from when lisa and i visited them my freshman year. i miss them so much! they are SO cute and precious and dear to my heart.

Scar Progress

My scars have been bugging me all day. All day long!!! My roommates tell me they are fading and getting better all the time, but I never believe them because I see the scars everyday.
I decided to post some pictures to show how fast... or slowly to me... they are fading! The first one is right after the accidents on July 6. The second one was taken today, October 22. So they're still there but are slowly fading.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Do You Wanna, Wanna Fanta?

Apartment 17 threw a kicking Halloween party last night. My roommates Courtney and Tara brilliantly came up with the idea that we could be the FANTA GIRLS! We went shopping and put our outfits together. It was a fun night. "Our" boys dressed up as characters from batman. Richard was the joker, Blake the riddler, and since i have never seen batman, i don't know what Wade was... except creepy. lol.