Saturday, March 26, 2011

Queen of Random

You know it's time for a blog update when you get a text message from a friend saying that you need to update your blog. I didn't even know this friend checked my blog. haha, well thanks to Chandy, my little indian :), i'll finally put something on here.

here's some pictures of me and my girls (clients) doing what we do best! ... being goofy!! :)

This week has been a little bit rough. It started out good,.... we didn't have to go to track and field practice on Monday with the clients :) and I got to watch the Pretty Little Liar Season Finale!! But by the time Wednesday night/ Thursday morning rolled around the week had taken a turn for the worse. I work a grave yard now on Wednesday nights at work so I go in at 10 Pm and leave at 8 am the next morning. No sleeping on shift. Just cleaning and making sure the clients are sleeping. At around 6 I have to get the clients up to go to their day program.

This past Thursday morning was a disaster. One of my clients, who i can't say her name but I will just call her Betty, woke up in a not so pretty mood. I couldn't get her out of bed, and when a different staff came in and finally got her up I thought we would be okay. But NO... she was still mad at me (i have no idea what i did either...) ... she wouldn't let me get her ready or make her breakfast or anything. When i finally thought we were on good terms, she tells me she wants my backpack. I tell her she can't have it and she gets all mad again! She starts yelling at me and she even told me I was a piece of garbage and that I needed to go wreck my own car and walk home!! I'm trying to keep my cool, (remember up all night, no sleep)... and so I just leave her in her room where she is going through her stuff. Finally it is time for me to load her up into the van so she can go to her day program. I start wheeling her outside, and she grabs her wheels, unbuckles her buckle, and reaches down. This whole time I'm thinking, oh no, she's going to fall out of her chair! but no, she reaches down, grabs her foot-peg, which is broken so it comes off very easily, takes it, and chucks it!! I thought she was going to hit me, but luckily she threw it backwards. It almost hit her roommate though. It was a scary experience and I finally just went to a different staff and said, "Forget it, I can't get Betty in the van. Will you come help me??" Betty was loaded and gone. Phew. Talk about a mentally tough morning.

One thing I learned from this though and from many other experiences at work... you can't hold a grudge. I went back to work on Friday and she was perfectly happy with me, while I was still worried about the other day. I had to remember that everything she said to me she didn't really mean, she was just having a rough morning. So i guess there's a good side to every situation!! :)

On a brighter more random note, I got a queen bed! i love it!!

I decided recently to put off graduate school for a year to have a break and just some school free fun for me. My mom was a little bit upset about it, but I convinced her it was for the best. Then a few days later I was checking my email and I had a message from the University of Utah. I opened it, confused they'd be emailing me. I started reading it and the lady said something about how she saw I was applying for this upcoming fall semester and then regrettably she told me that I had missed the deadline. Ha, not by a few days mind you, the deadline was last NOVEMBER! haha! It was a good thing I had already decided I didn't want to go! So now I have till this November to apply for next year! :) it all works out!!! :) :) :)

well my friend always tells me I'm random, and I think my blog cements that title for me. Sorry this post is so random, but oh well. it is what it is. lol :) I gotta go get ready for work though. So peace out. Hope this works for you chandy!!!