Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May.. What a Month!

Ryan and I ran the half marathon in April. It rained and it was cold but we finished! I was so proud of us for actually going through with the race.

I finished school on April 24th! and I must say that I was pretty impressed with my grades! I had a lot going on last semester and many times wanted to pull my hair out in stress and frustration, but alas, I got a 3.717 and my accumulative GPA is 3.858!!!
My 24th birthday came, and thankfully left. I had to work a graveyard last minute that night and then come back seven hours for my normal shift. I had slept 2 hours in 2+ days, and I was a MESS! ha. I do not do good on no sleep. My mom got me some cute clothes though and a new bike! The bike is fun to ride around town. Thanks MOM!
Bree and I are officially signed up for the St. George Marathon on October 5th! 26.2 miles may kick our butt but we are starting to train on Saturday mornings again. This includes waking up at 5 am to beat the St. George heat and currently get our run in before I work at 8 (i'm trying my hardest to get rid of that shift, you'd think after being here 2.5 years they'd do what I wanted haha)
My car battery died the other day and I didn't want to have to call a certain someone (he is who i used to always call down here for car problems), anyways, Dad told me to just go buy a new battery since my car wouldn't start being jumped and ask Bree's husband to try and replace it for me. Well I was feeling a little crazy and attempted to just replace it myself.... and I DID IT! woot! I had to call Dad during the last part cuz I didn't know the battery was bolted down on the bottom but other than that I did pretty good I think, the car still runs so musta done something right!!
I have these two friends... Sherry and Kylee. I work(ed) with them at Danville. And the two punks both decided to up and quit and move in the same month! I pretend to be mad but I am SO happy for both of them, I just miss and will miss them. Sherry left earlier this week to flight attendant school so for the two weeks before she left we studied airport codes every chance we got! We came up with some funny and really random ways for her to remember the codes, but it worked because she texted kylee and me yesterday to say that she got a 100% on her test! and then Kylee moves next weekend up to Orem to be a nanny for the summer.

I went up to Mike and Judi's last weekend for a couple days. It was a random trip but much needed. I love going up and visiting them so much! I had a blast. William and Thomas made me play superheros with them, I would have to make up the missions they would ahve to go on and decide who they would rescue. They are so cute and it was a blast. The trip ended watching William play baseball. He is a STUD!

and the last part. Bree sent me an ad posting the other day for an adoption respit position down here and told me even though the ad had closed the day before to try and apply for it... so i did. the position was filled but the man that got my resume responded with this, and it made me feel really good about myself and have hope for when I graduate....
"according to your resume, you have amazing qualities and would be an asset wherever you work"

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  1. You could call my father in law when you need help. . . To stay away from he who can't be named